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A buyer isn’t the only one who could be in for a difficult time during a transaction, the sellers could have a challenging time to keep their business running while doing the sales process. There are tons of considerations to keep in mind, not to mention, the challenges that could stand in the way of a good sale. Our care facility specialist is here to help.

CalALF.com is well aware that the 6-bed RCFE and senior housing market isn’t just about finding the right buyer. In our efforts to successfully complete client transactions, we put just as much emphasis on our sellers, helping them with confidential marketing, due diligence, valuation, financing, contract negotiation, and the closing process. We want you to achieve optimal results and get the best value from the sale of your property.

Welcome to the care home sellers section for all California areas. CalALF.com offers valuable seller’s resources that you can use.

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    Find out how I can help you sell your care home for top dollar in as little time as possible.
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    Improving your care home can be a key to selling it in a timely fashion. Click here to access links to help you improve the quality of your care home.